Impress with your proposal

Follow these 5 steps to build an impressive pricing presentation
Impress with your proposal
photo by Scott Graham
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Let’s say you have a prospective commercial account asking for pricing on your wash and fold services.

Now what?

You could just give them the rate over the phone, in an email, hand-written on paper, or printed out in a quote.

Personally, I recommend a different approach.

You should treat your quote and proposals with the same care we discussed treating your wash and fold presentation in Want to ‘Wow’ Your Clients?

Make a great impression.

You want to be viewed as a professional garment care facility, not the local laundromat.

Let’s be clear: you are building a serious business and know your stuff. You need to make sure other people SEE that expertise in every part of your business.

Including your quotes and proposals.

So, here are our 5 steps for creating a high-quality pricing presentation:

Research the prospect and gather this information:

  1. Full name of the person and company
  2. Address of the business (get this on the discovery call)
  3. Contact information (get this on the discovery call)
  4. Logo
  5. Brief bio of the company

Calculate the rate

  1. Refer to Pricing Yourself Just Right where we discussed your price per lb

Prepare 3 prices for the prospect:

  1. Low Price - this is the bare bones - just the service and nothing else
  2. Medium Price - offer an additional option that makes it slightly better
  3. High Price - includes all the bells and whistles

Give each price level a unique name and use those names everywhere. (Examples could be deluxe service, premium package, etc)

List the highest price first on your proposal. Psychologically, pricing is received better that way.

Prepare the Quote

  1. I suggest using proposal software to design and send your proposal. They will look more professional and be easier to sign.

Here are a few we’ve used:

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