Rounder is Better

Turn empty-handed trips into round trips with these 5 tips.
Rounder is Better
photo by Dylan McLeod
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It seems like a small detail: a driver going for a pickup or delivery with empty hands. But in our business, empty-handed trips can cost serious money. 

Let's look at how we can turn this around and maximize the use of our drivers.

The Cost of Empty Hands

Imagine this: your driver has 20 deliveries and 10 pickups on their route today. 30 trips in total.

But what if we could increase revenue on each of these trips? 

What if we could turn 30 trips into 60 pickups the next time? 

The impact on business revenue would be awesome.

Power in Round Trips

The solution could lie in round trips. If we can get our clients to schedule their pickups when they have a scheduled delivery, we can maximize the use of our drivers. Each trip becomes more lucrative as the driver delivers an order and picks up another from the same client.


How do we get our clients on board with this idea? Here are a few strategies:

  • Remind them of their delivery: When reminding clients of their upcoming delivery, let them know they can hand over their dirty laundry when their clean laundry is delivered.
  • Incentive programs: Reward the behavior you want to encourage. For example, create an incentive program that rewards clients for scheduling round-trip orders.
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