Simple Change, Revenue Increase

3 overlooked ways to grow your revenue
Simple Change, Revenue Increase
photo by Robert Koorenny
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Running a garment care business is truly wash, dry, fold repeat. Not just with the garments, but with the clients. It is a continuous process of retaining clients and attracting new ones. 

This week we look at the 3 ways to grow any business, but through the lens of garment care.

So, what are the 3 ways to grow any business?

  1. Increase the number of clients
    1. Get new clients to use your services
  2. Increase the average transaction value
    1. Get existing clients to increase the amount they spend every time they visit
  3. Increase the frequency of repurchase
    1. Get existing clients to purchase more often

First, let’s look at this broken out with drop-off clients per month:

(active clients) 300 X (avg purchase per client) $30 X (visit frequency) 2 = (total $) $18,000

In this scenario, we have 300 hundred active clients who visit our store 2 times a month for drop-off services. That's each client only using the service every other week.

Method 1:

Our first method of growth is to increase the number of clients.

(active clients) 315 X (avg purchase per client) $30 X (visit frequency) 2 = (total $) $18,900

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