Embracing Omnichannel: Strengthening Customer Connections

Discover how to provide a seamless support experience across multiple platforms. It’s easier than you think!
Embracing Omnichannel: Strengthening Customer Connections
photo by Pavan Trikutam
Table of Contents

Today we’re tackling omnichannel support 🤯

Before you check out and close this email, let me explain what it is and why you need it in your garment care business.

First, what it is.

Omnichannel support is a fancy term for when a business assists its clients across multiple platforms, making each interaction seamless and part of a whole.

Think of it this way.

Clients are able to contact you through multiple channels: email, phone, chat, social media, SMS (text), and on and on.

Next, why you should use it.

Take a look at these stats:

  • 75% of customers desire a consistent experience, regardless of how they engage a company (through social media, in person, by phone, etc.). (Salesforce)
  • 64% of customers want to shop with companies that can meet their needs in real-time. (Salesforce)

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, hold on! You know your good friend Waleed has more to say!

Think about all the different ways you communicate with people throughout the day, both personally and for work.

You might use:

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