Want Revenue Growth? You’re Missing Out Right Now!

An easy way to increase revenue while working smarter, not harder– add commercial service to your existing business.
Want Revenue Growth? You’re Missing Out Right Now!
photo by Lucas Favre
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Did you know that just by adding commercial laundry service* to your existing laundry business, you could easily ramp up your revenue and grow your business?

According to a recent CLA survey, only 31% of laundromats offer commercial laundry service…

…which means there’s a WHOLE LOT of opportunity out there remaining for your business.

*for our purposes, commercial refers to offering your laundry service to local emerging and mid-size businesses across all industries– unrelated to other commercial laundry and/or linen rental companies.

So why is offering commercial wash-and-fold laundry services a no-brainer?

Here’s what I’ve found to be true:

They’re less labor-intensive.

With commercial, less time is spent washing, folding, and packaging when compared to residential laundry care. Here’s why.

There’s no longer a need to separate articles of clothing or look at individual clothing tags. Imagine all the time saved from NOT having to:

  • Inspect every single article of clothing’s care tag
  • separate adults’, men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothes
  • wash rugs separately
  • deal with custom residential packaging

A natural consequence of these aspects is also a lowering of your labor and supply costs.

Reasons why service to commercial clients is less labor-intensive than residential clients are abundant.

They create steady streams of business.

Commercial service gives you low-maintenance recurring orders on a weekly or monthly basis.*

*Just make sure to agree on length-of-agreement terms in advance so that you have long-term retainers onboarded!

There’s more volume per pick-up.

  • Your drivers can pick up more weight from individual businesses than they do going to several homes for residential services.

So what kinds of businesses can you offer your services to?

Here’s a list of the industries we’ve had immediate success with:

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