The 4 Models of PUD

Learn the pros and cons and pick the right model of PUD for your business.
The 4 Models of PUD
photo by Jonathan Kemper
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A couple of months ago, a community member asked me the following question:

"I'm hoping to start a wash & fold business in my city. What do you recommend I have in place without fail? Capital is limited therefore I'd like to spend it wisely."

This led me to jot down a few different models of PUD that they could use. I came across those notes and thought it would be cool to share the models in Wash Weekly with some of their pros and cons.

Models of Pickup and Delivery:

  1. Laundromat PUD Service
  2. Drop Store PUD Service
  3. PUD You to Client (you do WNF or wholesaler)
  4. PUD Client to Partner (wholesaler)

Laundromat PUD Service

The most traditional model in the industry. In this model, you add PUD to your self-service laundromat.


  • you have full control of the wash-n-fold process
  • additional revenue stream for laundromat
  • highest level of quality control
  • easier to catch and fix errors with orders


  • high startup cost (if you don't have a laundromat already)
  • high labor cost
  • adds more complexity to your self-service business
  • depending on the volume of orders and staffing structure it could cause attendants to neglect the self-service side of the store

Drop Store PUD Service

A physical location that clients can visit as well as run your PUD out of. Typically in this case, you will be processing orders at another location (wholesaler or your laundromat).

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