Terms of Sh*t

How being flexible with your terms can build client loyalty.
Terms of Sh*t
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Laundry operators are you looking to:

- acquire new clients
- increase revenue
- acquire and manage multiple locations
- get more 5-star reviews
- enhance your online reputation
- attract commercial clients

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We will have industry experts teaching you how they accomplished this and show you how you can.

We are loaded with great speakers in and outside the industry.

Marcus Sheridan: world-renowned communication expert, author, and keynote speaker. He helps brands, sales teams, and leaders build deeper connections and establish more trust with their audiences. Has helped companies generate $1B+ in revenue worldwide.

James Keyes: created: served as Chief Executive of two Fortune 500 companies (Blockbuster Inc. and 7-Eleven), and creating a strategic consumer product collaboration with Walmart.

Alaa Elbanna: Multi laundromat owner with 11 stores over his 20-year career. His latest laundromat is 11,000 sq ft.

John Fry & Stephanie Fry: have driven over 300+ 5-star reviews for their laundromat in a short period and will be sharing how you can do the same. Ross Dodds: Multi laundromat owner with 11 locations, pickup and delivery service, and a 6,000 sq ft facility dedicated to their pickup and delivery business.

Steve Brinks: as a licensed professional engineer, Steve brings invaluable insights into laundromat design. Steve has done a ground-up build for one of his stores and a conversion for his current store under construction. He and his wife, also run a separate pickup & delivery business. He will be providing operators with a deeper understanding of their operational capacities and engineering and water challenges.

Saichelle McNeill: has built a successful pickup and delivery laundry business without a laundromat. She will share how you can do the same and ways of acquiring new clients.

Brian Riseland: entered the laundromat industry in July of 2021. In less than 2-years his laundromat was in the top 5% of laundromats in the United States. This didn’t happen by accident, Brian will share how he empowers his teams, delivers great client experiences, and leverages data to drive growth.

And many more speakers with one goal.

To help you grow your laundry business.

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I have a crazy story to share with you about a SaaS company we've been using at the Soap Box for about six years. 

We weren't using their platform much due to some changes in our business, but we still had an active subscription. A couple of months ago, we decided to upgrade our account with them to use their product at another location.

However, life happens. I got swamped with business projects and had to attend to a sick relative. A few months passed and we still hadn't used the upgraded subscription plan. 

I contacted the sales rep about downgrading our subscription until we could use the additional features. The sales rep agreed that it was no problem, but ten days later, he emailed me that it was against their terms to downgrade the plan. Instead, he offered to suspend our subscription.

We had been subscribed to this company's service for over five years, even paying for their service when we weren't using it. Yet, when we needed flexibility, they chose to lose a client rather than temporarily accommodate our needs. 

This experience got me thinking about how you and I interact with our clients. 

How do we respond when clients want to change their order or adjust their commercial account terms? Do we rigidly stick to our policies, or do we show flexibility?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Put Yourself in the Client's Shoes. Understand their situation and needs. If a client wants to reduce pickups from three times a week to two, consider their reasons before refusing or penalizing them for the change.
  • Be Human. Even in transactional relationships, remember that you're dealing with people. Show empathy and understanding.
  • Keep Your Word. If you promise something to a client, make sure to follow through. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.
  • Focus on the Client, Not the Money. Prioritize the client's needs over immediate profits. A happy client is more likely to bring you long-term business and referrals.
  • Communication is Key. Keep your clients informed about any changes or updates. Transparency builds trust and shows that you value their business.
  • Learn from Mistakes. If a client is unhappy, don't just fix the problem. Dig deeper to understand why it happened and how you can prevent it in the future.
  • Go the Extra Mile. Small gestures can make a big difference. Whether it's a personalized note or a small token of appreciation, going above and beyond can turn a satisfied client into a loyal advocate.

Flexibility can be a powerful tool for maintaining and growing our client base. It's not just about making a sale; it's about building relationships and trust. 

And sometimes, that means being willing to bend a little.

That's all I got for today.

P.S. If you haven't already, get your ticket for the Laundry CEO Forum today.

Thinking about, the thinking of laundry

From the words of author and speaker, Brian Tracy.

Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it.

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