Stop Giving Away Free WiFi!

Here’s how to gather valuable information about your clients by gating your WiFi.
Stop Giving Away Free WiFi!
photo by Yasara Hansani
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Many in our industry offer free WiFi in their stores as an amenity for their clients.

But, should it be free?

Shouldn’t we be getting something from the client for providing them with this amenity?

Yes, but not money. It should be something way more valuable to your business over time.

Their attention!

Currently, you probably just have a WiFi name and password hanging up on the wall or on the counter so clients can connect and surf the net at their will.

Now think back to what just happened. They logged in to access your WiFi.

Ok, what's the big deal, Waleed?

You have no control and get nothing in return to build a relationship with this client over time for using your WiFi.

Instead of having them log onto your WiFi, you should have them sign up to use your WiFi. When they sign up to use it, you get something from them: information! And you will use this information to build a relationship with that client.

You are going to gate your WIFi and use it as a marketing tool in your store.

Here's how:

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