Steal These Content Ideas

How brand and content strategist would create content for a laundry business.
Steal These Content Ideas
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Content is a powerful way to attract clients to your laundry business.

But, most owners and operators struggle to know what content to create.

Rather than share my ideas with you, I’m taking a backseat today and allowing Jason Vana to share his expertise with you.

Jason is the CEO & Founder of SHFT Agency, a brand positioning agency that creates strategies to help small businesses attract, convert, delight, and keep their ideal customers. He was instrumental in helping to launch Wash Weekly.

So let’s sit back and learn together:

Content is a powerful way to attract the RIGHT customers to your store.

Think about it. 

When you create content that connects with your audience — educating them, entertaining them, or inspiring them — they are far more likely to visit your store.

The main reason why? They feel like they already know you and like you.

Most business owners understand this but struggle to know what content to create.

So today, I’m going to put myself in your shoes.

Content Ideas

If I owned a laundry business, here is the content I would create on social media to attract people to my store:

Folding Videos

I would create videos showing people how to fold their clothes better. The goal here is to become an expert on all things clothing. This would include:

  • Creative folding techniques
  • Folding clothes to fit better in drawers
  • Creative ways to store clothes in your drawers.

Organizational Videos

I would also create videos about different ways to organize and store your clothes. Think Marie Kondo style. The goal would be to jump on the organization/minimalist trend popular with the younger generation. This would include:

  • Organizing clothes by color
  • Organizing clothes by season
  • How to organize dresser drawers

Cleaning Videos

This should be a no-brainer, but I would create videos explaining how to better clean clothes. Things like:

  • How to remove different types of stains
  • How often should you wash your clothes
  • What do to if you spill something on yourself at dinner and can’t change
  • How do make your clothes smell better
  • Rating various laundry supplies - detergents, fabric softeners, and the like

Store/Business Images

Intermixed with the videos, I would post creative pictures from my store or business. Think:

  • Artistic angles and lighting
  • Customers in action
  • Employees in action
  • Unique features I wanted to highlight — like plants in the store, or a children’s play area.
  • Outside of the store showing the logo

Community Events

On platforms like Facebook, I would share upcoming events in the community — either direct posts or simply resharing posts about those events. This shows your business is part of and cares about the community.

Behind the Scenes 

I would give customers a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes at my store. The goal here is to make people feel like they know you and the staff and show how your store operates. Think things like:

  • Employees having fun and telling jokes
  • How we dry clean or fulfill wash-and-fold orders
  • Any forms or process sheets we fill out


Share pictures and videos of any celebrations that matter to your store. Think things like:

  • Employee birthdays and anniversaries
  • Customer loyalty milestones
  • Extreme stains you managed to get out
  • New equipment, remodeling, new features
  • Community celebrations and holidays

Basic Content Strategy

Next, I would create a basic content strategy.

My focus would be on these platforms:

  • YouTube - to host the longer videos and to be found on Google 
  • Instagram - to share video clips and image
  • Facebook - to focus on the local community 
  • Google My Business (Google Business Profile) - for SEO purposes
  • TikTok - to become a name in the industry

With this mix:

  • YouTube = 1x a week
  • Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business (Google Business Profile), TikTok = every day

This doesn’t mean you have to create something different for each platform. Share the same video clips and images across each platform with slightly different captions.

The goal here is to be consistent so people find you, remember you, and grow to like you.

If you follow that structure for 6 months to 1 year, your store will be seen as THE store to visit.


Waleed here again.

I don’t know about you, but I learned a lot!

Thank you, Jason, for sharing with our community.

Want more ideas and help with your content?

Jason will be leading a content seminar at the Laundry CEO Forum.
Register today to reserve your seat!

That's all I got for today.

p.s. In case you missed it, I've launched the Laundry CEO Forum this summer. Get more information and register for this amazing event today.

Thinking about, the thinking of laundry

From the thoughts of the digital marketing executive, Matt Goulart

Social media is about the people. Not about your business. Provide for the people, and the people will provide for you.

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