Self-Service Laundromats: The Community Hub

Self-service laundromats are the foundation of the industry and the local community.
Self-Service Laundromats: The Community Hub
photo by Benjamin Lehman
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Our industry is undergoing a shift with pick-up and delivery services getting a lot of the spotlight as the future of convenience.

But don't let that blind you and cause you to overlook the foundation that has built this industry: self-service.

These establishments have been the cornerstones of communities for decades, providing affordable and accessible laundry solutions.

Today, we will look at the importance of self-service mats, how they have paved the way for the industry's evolution, and why you should not sleep on them, even during these changing times.

Self-Service Laundromats Power

Laundromats have played a major role in the growth and development of the garment care industry and are currently going through a renaissance.

Their accessibility and affordability have made them essential for individuals and small businesses in the communities. Mats have also served as a means for people in the community to start their own laundromat businesses and contribute to their community's economy. Remember that the self-service model has become a reliable and trusted choice for many people, which has driven client loyalty and established a solid foundation for the industry's success.

Make Changes Without Cracking the Foundation

PUD services are a hot topic in the garment care industry, as evident by all the mats offering it now and the recent WDF Workshop hosted by Coin Laundry Association and DryCleaning and Laundry Insitute.

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