Don't Fight Over New Clientele

Why we used dry cleaning to expand into existing clientele closets.
Don't Fight Over New Clientele
photo by Quino Al
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60% - 250%+ margins. Yup, let's talk dry cleaning today.

Most specifically, why we decided to add dry cleaning to our business.

You see when Jessica and I took over the business in 2015, all we offered was self-service and wash-and-fold.

We decided to analyze the business and figure out what service we could offer clients that they would want and need, and that would increase our revenue streams.

Our main purpose behind this was to insulate the business during downtimes — offseason, recession, an economic slowdown in the business.

While we were considering other revenue streams, dry cleaning came up in several conversations. 

Most people told us NOT to do it. The equipment is too expensive, the items are too expensive if something gets lost or damaged it could cost $300, $400, or more to replace.

But our clients and potential clients kept asking us a single question: do you do dry cleaning?

Here we were trying to find new streams of revenue, asking ourselves how to grow, trying to find ways to insulate the business, and people were asking us if we provided a service.

We wanted more closet penetration — something I mentioned on Bob Nieman’s podcast Planet Laundry — and we were watching people bring their laundry to us and then take their dry cleaning somewhere else.

It seemed like a no-brainer.

If we could provide one place for people to bring their laundry and their dry cleaning, we could make it easier for them and in return increase our revenue.

So we decided to add dry cleaning to our service line.

Maybe you’re in the same place wondering if dry cleaning is the right move for your business.

We did face some challenges:

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