Are You Using Your Clients’ Senses to Set Yourself Apart?

The importance of paying attention to the senses for proper presentation in ‘Wash and Fold’ laundry service
Are You Using Your Clients’ Senses to Set Yourself Apart?
photo by Elly Johnson
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Many companies are just starting to recognize how strongly the senses affect the deepest parts of our brains.

When it comes to our laundry service, we have the opportunity to capitalize on human senses– can you guess which ones matter for your clients?

That’s right, they are:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Touch

This week I break down exactly what we do for each.


What your clients see when they receive their order carries the opportunity of one of the biggest impacts you can make on them.

Keep the following tips in mind to make sure your client receives a well-packaged, professional result in every way.

Investing in quality packaging

  1. Start by putting your logo on your packaging to help clients keep you in mind. This goes without saying, but you would be surprised by how many owners forget or discard doing this.
  2. Next, place orders in better-quality plastic packaging to keep garments smelling fresh and protect them during transit. Here are a few important takeaways I’ve experienced with packaging:
    1. Fact: There’s nothing worse than using dry cleaning bags that fall apart thanks to their hanger holes that expose the clothes and too-easily rip open, letting all of the clothes fall out.
      1. The same goes for using garbage bags. Again, they may be cheaper– but the last thing anyone thinks of when they see a garbage bag is fresh, clean laundry.
    2. You may be thinking cheap bags are good ways to cut costs, but you’d be sacrificing the integrity of your entire service.
    3. Instead, double-bag your orders using a plastic bag before inserting them in the final packaging bag (laundry bag, etc.).
    4. Look for plastic bags that have rectangular bottoms. These allow you to:
    5. stack the clothing in the bag better
    6. make for easier handling and loading for the driver
    7. help deliver an orderly and professional end-product
      1. Few of my favorites:
        1. Luetzowind Industries - Ask for Ryan (tell him I said hi) 800-558-6055
        2. Rhino bags - Nortons Supply
        3. Wash N Fold Clear Bags - Cleaners Supply
  3. Neatly tie the corners of your laundry bag before packing to ensure a beautiful end-product

Consistent Folding

  • A folding protocol and written guide allows for a consistent client experience.
    • Avoid each attendant folding their own way. That way, you prevent an array of issues that come with client preference due to inconsistent folding.
  • Here's an excerpt from ours (more to come in later issues on this 😉)
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