3 In and 3 Out

This weighing system helps prevent mix-ups with client orders.
3 In and 3 Out
photo by Clayton Robbins
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One of the most significant challenges in the garment care industry is keeping track of clients' clothing. 

Thousands of pieces of clothing pass through your and your team's hands each day. Try keeping all of that straight on your own!

Misplacing an item or mixing up orders can lead to unsatisfied clients, negative reviews, and even a loss of revenue — and cause unnecessary stress for your team, who will always be worried about getting the orders right. 

Why Address this Challenge?

Addressing this challenge is crucial for the growth and reputation of your garment care business. 

Making sure clients receive exactly what they gave you:

  • Boosts their trust and confidence in your service
  • Helps you maintain a positive reputation
  • Saves you from unnecessary claims and reimbursements (which protects your bottom line)

In the long run, solving this challenge can lead to more repeat clients, better reviews, and a stronger brand.

Implementing a 3 In and 3 Out System

Many laundromats rely on visual checks or use a simple tagging system to keep track of orders. 

Please be careful with these methods! They are prone to human error and can easily lead to mix-ups, especially during busy times in the store or production floor. 

These systems don't provide a reliable way to verify that clients are getting back exactly what they gave you, which can lead to disputes and damage your relationship with your clients.

We've implemented a 3 in and 3 out system where we weigh every order three times. 

  • When the order comes in
  • Before we sort it to wash
  • Once it's packed and folded (and sometimes before we give it to a walk-in client, especially if we have had an issue with their order in the past.)

I love this system because it ensures that clients receive exactly what they gave us AND helps us quickly identify and rectify any mix-ups before the client shows up.

We also treat it as a key performance indicator, helping us continually improve our service. By tracking the weights at each stage on our wash-and-fold tracking slip, we can identify where errors most likely occur and take steps to prevent them.

Finally, we've found that this system also helps in client communication. When clients see that we're taking these extra steps to ensure their items are accounted for, they appreciate the effort and are more likely to trust our service.

Try it yourself, and let me know how it works!

That's all I got for today.

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