Are We In A New Age Of Garment Care? Examining The Laundromat Renaissance

Reclaiming Wardrobes: The Rise of the Laundry Renaissance
Are We In A New Age Of Garment Care? Examining The Laundromat Renaissance
photo by Daniel Robert
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Are we in a Renaissance period?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a LinkedIn post, The Evolution of Garment Care Entrepreneurship: From Disgust to Celebrity Status that touched on this topic and sparked some offline conversations about the changes happening in the industry today.

These conversations got me thinking about the Renaissance Period of the 14th century.

Well, first what is a Renaissance? It’s defined as:

  • a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity
  • a revival of or renewed interest in something
  • rebirth, revival

By its definition are we seeing these playing out in our industry?

Let's break it down.

Technological Improvements

We've seen more adoption of technology in laundromats, the advent of more payment systems, more SAAS providers in the industry, and more eco-friendly practices and advancements.

Changing Customer Preferences

There’s been a shift in consumer behavior and preferences towards their laundry being done for them. Whether it's for time savings, convenience, etc.

New Business Models

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