A Van, a Cellphone

How one PUD owner simplified the process.
A Van, a Cellphone
photo by Frederik Trovatten
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Today I was thinking about the numerous conversations and debates on how to start and run a laundry PUD business.

There's a lot of chatter about the "right" way to start and run a business. 

That chatter can often make the whole thing seem like a complex undertaking.

I believe the chatter has overly complicated it in the minds of those looking to start PUD.

To drive this point home, I will share the story of a fellow laundry entrepreneur, a friend of mine, who's built a thriving business on a model as simple as it gets. We'll call him Jason (he'll know Jason is him when he reads this. 😉)

Jason's journey into the laundry industry began like many others. 

He bought a laundromat, offering self-service and drop-off options.  As his business grew, he decided to expand into the PUD sector. 

After several years of operating both the laundromat and the PUD service, Jason made a bold move: He sold the laundromat to focus solely on PUD.

“It doesn't have to be complicated and fancy.”

Here's a detailed look at Jason's current business model:

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