Texting For New Clients

Acquire new clients for your laundry business with this SMS campaign
Texting For New Clients
photo by Jae Park
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Acquiring new clients through SMS marketing starts with an irresistible offer.

Think of something that will get them to sign up for your texting list.

Once they do sign up through SMS, they get a promo code or special offer that they can’t help but redeem.

The process looks like this:

  • They see your ad
  • Text your keyword to the number provided
  • Receive your coupon/promo code
  • Redeem the coupon/promo code at your business
  • Become a new client

Use Our Campaign

Here’s an SMS marketing campaign we created called “LaundryText”.

  1. We created an irresistible offer - 15% off any of our services for signing up
  2. We added a pop-up form to our website (full name, email, and cell)

3. We created a dynamic QR code. 4. We added that QR code to a large (36x48) window decal we put in our store window

4. We turned the window decal into a 4x6 postcard that we handed out, placed in local businesses, and put in every order that went out for a couple of months.

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