SMS Platform Features to Grow Your Laundromat Business

Use these SMS platform features to grow your business.
SMS Platform Features to Grow Your Laundromat Business
photo by Isaac Smith
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Using an SMS marketing platform for the first time can seem overwhelming.

Each platform has a wide variety of features that leave most newbie users wondering how to use them for their business.

No need to worry!

In this issue, we’re going to look at the most common features and how you can use them in your garment care business.

Team Texting

This feature allows you to create a texting team (think you, store manager, attendant) and when new messages come in, they are routed to one of those team members.

Think when you call a large firm and they route you to a specific customer service person.

Team texting allows you to provide that same service to your clients.

Automated Birthday

This one is pretty straightforward.

If you have a subscriber’s birthday in your database, they can get an automated birthday text from you.

Include a special treat, like a discount, to delight them even more!

Away Messages

Treat to use when your store is closed for holidays or after hours.

Text to Win

This is a great way to add subscribers from past promotions into a sweepstakes to win a prize.

The SMS platform does the work for you — keeps track of entries, selects a winner, notifies the winner, and notifies the losers in a way that makes them want to enter the next sweepstakes.

Holiday giveaways make it easy to excite your clients. Here are a few we’ve done:

  • Text to win our Thanksgiving turkey giveaways
  • Text to win a Huge TV for our Christmas giveaway
  • Text to win a back-to-school kit for your child
  • Text to win our summertime bike cycle giveaway
  • Text to win a month's worth of free laundry

Text to Vote and Polls

I love using this one to let our clients nominate their favorite attendant for recognition.

You can use it to get clients involved in decisions at the store and make them feel more involved.

Here’s one example:

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