The Maker of Geniuses.

Why you should implement knowledge-sharing in your business.
The Maker of Geniuses.
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"To get something different, you must do something different"

The Laundry CEO Forum is designed with a fresh approach, offering new perspectives, specific strategies, and a mindset for growth-minded garment care entrepreneurs. The content is practical, solutions-driven, and based on what works. Pre-registering today!

Hosted by: Waleed Cope & Jessica Johnson-Cope

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A few weeks ago I got an email with the subject line: Knowledge Share Session

I thought for a second more spam, but when I glanced at the from section, I saw a name familiar to many in the laundry industry: Mark Vlaskamp.

Oh, maybe this isn't spam.

As I read the email, one piece jumped out: "The real people doing the real work! It's hard work in operations."

I was in and hadn't even finished reading the email. 

Let me stop here for a second. If any of you owners or operators have even run the store for more than one shift, had to do PUD, do wash, and fold for hundreds of lbs of laundry in one shift, you know it's hard work.

So I wondered, what is this Knowledge Share for people doing the real work?

Mark and the team get someone from outside or inside the industry to discuss the business and industry on a high level and answer any questions they might have.

Freaking Genius!!!


Here are 10 reasons:

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