PUD: Web vs. App ordering

Determine which option is best for your laundromat. Hint: it’s not what you think!
PUD: Web vs. App ordering
photo by Gilles Lambert
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When attending industry events, it never fails that someone heads to the bar and asks “Waleed, would you like a drink?” 

While I greatly appreciate this offer, it puts my mind into an instant debate: do I get orange juice or cranberry juice? Two juices I enjoy. 

In a meticulously maintained, original detailed 4-story brownstone in the heart of Manhattan, I sat next to the CEO of one of the largest nonprofits at a small private dinner. He leaned over, and it happened. 

“Waleed, what would you like to drink?”

Damn, I thought. What do I get? 

At that moment, I broke my normal debate routine in my mind and asked: “What are you having?”

He replied, “A cranberry and orange mix.”

I replied, “I'll have the same,” and smiled to myself.

When I first decided (well harassed to do it by a client) to do PUD out of our self-service laundromat before launching The Soap Box, I searched high and low for a Laundry Business Management System/POS that would allow me to manage the whole business. 

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