POS System Went Down? Here’s What to Do.

Follow the Laundry Pirate’s System for POS Failure
POS System Went Down? Here’s What to Do.
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Laundry Owners Warehouse also sells new commercial laundry equipment and is a proud member of the Dexter Laundry family, “Made in the USA” since 1894.

As operators of a laundromat or laundry service business, we are juggling a lot of balls daily.

We depend on people, processes, and systems to keep the business running properly and smoothly.

One of those systems is your order management system (aka your mat's POS system).

There are plenty of questions and discussions in the community about which system is the best and which you should choose. Those are questions for you to answer after doing your due diligence on each system.

What’s not talked about is what the heck to do when the system goes down.

The Story

A laundry buddy and I were texting one weekend about this very topic. If you don't know some of The Soap Box's history, we have used at least 9 POS systems since 2016 in our store and demoed countless others. We have seen our share of system failures.

So back to the texting with my buddy — our conversation led to what to do when the POS is down so your mat doesn't turn into a total 💩 show.

Today I will share with you what the two of us use to avoid total disaster when we have a system failure.

Now, keep in mind we are only focusing on the order management part of the POS system (drop-off orders, PUD orders, and product sales).

A Laundry Pirate's System for POS Failure

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