Hire the RIGHT People

Here’s how to get the RIGHT staff in your laundromat.
Hire the RIGHT People
photo by Eric Prouzet
Table of Contents

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Laundry Owners Warehouse, is a “One Stop Shop” with over 74,000 replacement parts, a full line of soap and supplies, and a wide variety of used commercial laundry equipment, all in stock and available at LOWlaundry.com.

Laundry Owners Warehouse also sells new commercial laundry equipment and is a proud member of the Dexter Laundry family, “Made in the USA” since 1894.

Running a great laundromat business requires more than just quality self-service and wash-and-fold services.

You need proper staffing.

A well-staffed laundromat can have a profound impact on your business — from improved customer satisfaction to enhancing your reputation and brand image.

The RIGHT staff makes all the difference!

Here are some of the benefits of hiring the right staff:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction: the right staff are able to meet the needs and wants of your client base, which can result in repeat business.
  2. Increased efficiency and productivity
  3. Enhanced reputation and brand image
  4. Better work-life balance for employees

So, how do you find the right staff?

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