Two Elements of Success in Laundromats

Habits and skills that lead to success.
Two Elements of Success in Laundromats
photo by Shiromani Kant
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The more time I spend in the garment care industry business, the more and more I notice two pivotal elements that are key ingredients to successful laundry operations. 

Running a successful laundry business requires more than just washers and dryers. In an industry with plenty of competition and more entering the industry every day, it's the little things that set businesses apart. 

Habits and Skills. 

Let's break down each element as they apply to a few areas in our businesses.

The Power of Habits

Daily Rituals Create Success

Create a well-structured morning routine, from unlocking the doors, inspecting machines, and greeting early arriving clients. These seemingly mundane tasks lay a foundation for a productive day.

Consistency in these simple habits creates an environment of reliability, building trust with clients.

Consistency Breeds Excellence

Let's talk about how the power of cleanliness is often overlooked in many stores. 

Routine sweeping and moping of floors, wiping surfaces, and maintaining proper operating equipment not only ensure a safe environment but also reflects your commitment to quality. These habits compound for an exceptional client experience.

The Skills for Operating

Machine Maintenance and Repair

Behind every running machine is an owner/operator who knows the ins and outs of maintenance or has a relationship with a great repair person. Being familiar with basic machine repair can save time and money, while also preventing long-term disruptions to your operations.

Wash and Fold Pristine Results

The art of wash and fold is precision and care. Sorting properly, following client requests, and executing perfect folds. These skills not only ensure great laundry but also showcase your dedication to excellence in every garment.

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