Drive Traffic to Your Business

10 ways to get more clients to your new or re-opened laundromat.
Drive Traffic to Your Business
photo by Stephen Phillips
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Building and growing any business is challenging.

Managing team members, ordering supplies, managing inventory, client support, acquiring new clients, and maintaining sales are just a few of the things that business owners deal with on a regular basis.

But, if you are opening a new laundromat or reopening one that has been closed for several years, one of your biggest focuses is going to be to get clients and orders through the door.

In today’s editorial, we are going to look at 10 things you can do to drive traffic to your business, from free to a moderate dollar amount.

  • Claim your Yelp and Google Business Profile Manager and complete all the profile information. Don’t leave anything blank that pertains to your business.

    Why? It increases your visibility online as people search for businesses like yours in your area.
  • Add plenty of good photos of your business, services, and products to your Yelp and Google Business Profile.

    Why? Humans are visual creatures. Adding pictures allows prospective clients to make a connection with your business and see what their experience will be like with your business.
  • Post to Google Business Profile on a regular basis. Use scheduling software and set it to automatically and consistently post photos, text posts, and videos to your Google Business Profile 1 to 2 times a week.

    Why? Increases your Google search and maps visibility on the platform and frees you up from having to focus and worry about posting every day. You can create days, weeks, or months' worth of content in advance, schedule it, and forget it.
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