A Bigger Firm Has Entered Your Market, Now What?

Follow these ideas to out-compete that bigger laundromat.
A Bigger Firm Has Entered Your Market, Now What?
photo by Micaela Parente
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You're having a great day and your laundromat is producing record numbers since you opened it 7 years ago. Clients are happy and the store is spotless. You glance at your phone and see a Google alert that a big laundromat chain is launching PUD and opening a mega store in your market.


Do you throw your hands up and call it quits or do you dig your heels in and hold fast? If you have been reading Wash Weekly for a while or know me, you already know what the Laundry Pirate is going to say.

HOLD FAST! 🏴‍☠️ But how?

I've put together several scenarios below with examples based on real-world laundromat experiences.

Building Lasting Bonds with Your Clients

At the heart of every successful business is its clients. The ones who walk through your doors, seeking not just clean clothes, but a friendly face and personalized service. Hosting a "Community Appreciation Day" where loyal clients mingle, enjoy refreshments, and share stories and experiences. This sense of belonging keeps clients coming back.


Meet Mary, a single mother who frequents "FamilyFresh Laundromat." The owner, Joe, knows her by name and often engages in friendly conversation with her. Mary won't be going anywhere else based on her connection to the owner and businesses.

Stand Out Through Unique Offerings

Competition can inspire innovation. Specialized services like eco-friendly washing or allergy and free and clear detergents can draw environmentally conscious and allergy-suffering clients seeking these options that a larger establishment might not be willing to do.


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